Parental Involvement

Ekstrand is fortunate to have a PTA that continues to be a growing source of support and an active partner in the overall school program. They provide a variety of activities and events for our students and have gained the confidence of our teaching staff as well as the surrounding community of San Dimas. They have been key in the planning of our Emergency Preparedness activities and acquisition of supplies. They are committed to annual gifts to the school through fundraising. The PTA has truly become a strong and committed partner with the school. Their influence on the rest of our parents has engendered a spirit of volunteerism and pride.

Ekstrand has an active and astute group of parents who are part of the School Site Council. The council’s recommendations have helped us in several ways which include communication with our community at large, the enhancement of our GATE program and the inclusion of orientation/transitional procedures and materials for students in preparation for the following year. They also are active in creating a safe campus and will be implementing CDE’s Safe School Model planning guide.

Parents continue to participate throughout the school year at all grade levels by assisting in the classrooms. Many assist with fieldtrips and special events such as Book Fairs, assemblies, and Family Feast. Parents are always welcome to our campus and the PTA has recruited many for special projects during holiday seasons, which have been quite effective in promoting an attitude of charity and involvement.