Mission Statement

About University

Ekstrand is a School-wide Title I school with approximately 460 students from the downtown area of San Dimas. The students here come from a variety of mixed backgrounds. Approximately 12 different languages are spoken in the homes of our students, with Spanish being the dominant home language. Our school is a school-wide Title 1 campus. Ekstrand provides academic interventions through the RtI process to all students not meeting grade level standards. This is provided through grade-level data meetings to identify students for interventions classes using brain-researched curriculum to assist the student in annual growth. Once students are identified they are provided additional instruction in small groups, and individual tutoring provided by well-trained instructional aides and teachers. Curriculums implemented are: Read Naturally Program, SIPPS, Distar, Passport and Language! for 4th/5th grade. In addition, we provide after-school Basic Mathematics Interventions for 4th and 5th grades. Ekstrand has continued to use Riverdeep, a comprehensive and multi-level math software program in our computer lab, Accelerated Reading and Ticket 2 Read.

The school has one, 34-station computer lab with an adjoining Library that also provides four internet accessible research stations. All students receive instruction in choral music on a weekly basis as well as P.E. with a minimum of 240 minutes every two weeks.
The Head Start Program located on the north side of our campus is in its fourth year of operation. We continue to benefit from the partnership which has been developed with them.

School Profile

Ekstrand is one of thirteen schools in the Bonita Unified School District. We are nestled in a quiet neighborhood in San Dimas, just north of the city’s library. Our total population of 460 students fill our 18 regular education classrooms; 2 Transitional Kindergarten; 1 Specialized Academic Instruction classroom; as well as an Intervention lab that offers small group and one-on-one instruction to assist those students who are struggling academically in core areas of learning. With our additional Title I funding, we provide after-school tutor programs for 1st graders to learn how to use the Accelerated Reading program. In grades 4th and 5th math tutoring is offered 4 days a week and helmed by teachers whose passion is to see our students thrive and succeed. Ekstrand offers a stellar GATE program that supports extra academic stimulation and activities. We are proud that our campus also includes:

· A district nurse, a full-time health clerk, speech pathologists, and a part-time psychologist and counselor. 
· A free and reduced lunch and transportation program to help those struggling families in need a helping hand.
· Modernized classrooms containing overhead projector systems, document cameras, interactive SMART white boards, sound systems, student computer stations and wireless internet capabilities. 
· A fully stocked library with the most current and popular titles in children’s literature and an adjoining computer lab boasting fun and educational programs for all grade levels.
· A fully functional Title I lab that provides additional, supplemental resources to enable students to perform at or above grade level proficiency.
· A PTA that supports our campus with family and community events, classroom volunteers and fundraisers that benefit all of Ekstrand’s students with classroom materials, field trips and technological upgrades.

Mission & Purpose

Ekstrand Elementary’s mission is to provide a learning community that is rich in encouragement, support and high expectations for academic success. We work to strengthen our intellectual, social, emotional and physical skills, while becoming lifelong learners.


Ninety percent of Ekstrand students are reading at or above their grade level to successfully reach their academic potential and life goals.