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Lone Hill Leadership Day Featured

Ekstrand ‘Bobcats’ went to Lone Hill Middle School for a Leadership Conference and got some hands-on learning on how to be better leaders on our campus. We learned such skills as setting goals, working as a team, and how to have fun! Each group was called a ‘camp fire’ group and did a round of leadership activities that can help on a daily basis on campus. My favorite leadership day game was the balloon game. We blew up balloons and wrote something on the balloon that makes your life a little harder for you, like homework or sports. Then your group all throws their balloon up and you can’t let them hit the floor. Well when you have one balloon you think this is too easy, but when you get five or six up in the air you learn to rely on your team and trust them. That helped me with trust, team work, and understanding I’m not superman and it is okay to ask for help from your teachers and parents at times. This was an experience that all kids should have a chance to do and I will always remember. Five Stars and Thumbs UP!

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