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Mad Scientist Day Featured

In October and December, first and second graders at Ekstrand Elementary School studied the messy side of science during the school’s Mad Scientist Day. Taught by Kendall Kraiss’s 5th grade students, the younger students spent time at each of seven stations to learn about science.

“Because the 5th grade students did so well as assistants in October, Ms. Kraiss gave them the responsibility to write the lessons for the December event,” Principal Lucinda Newton said. “They did a fantastic job!”

October’s Mad Scientist Day topics included: 1) Frankenworms, focusing on the scientific method, 2) baking soda and vinegar ghost experiments to explore chemical reactions, 3) walking water using paper towels as a conduit, 4) the scientific method and the importance of control and consistency throughout your experiment, 5) Pop Rocks and Soda chemical reactions (this group also fed a cricket to Spider-Man, the pet tarantula), 6) M&Ms in water, focusing on the scientific method, and 7) viscosity, making slime.


Teacher Marissa Ford said, “The kids had a messy blast doing the experiments. The fifth-graders were a huge success and work great with set up, mixing and cleaning up.”



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